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Problems abound in Education. So isn’t it nice when someone comes along with a solution that is simple to implement and sustain? That is what we do.
Simple Solutions for Education offers a range of solutions to educational problems from Nursery to Tertiary.
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Desired Behaviours
Teaching & Learning
Assessing Drama at Key Stages 1-3

John Hucker
Hello. Thank you for visiting my website, which I am in the process of updating. You will notice the Society of Education Consultants logo on this page. As a member of the society, I am bound by Its Code of Practice. This gives you assurances about the quality of my work and the kind of relationship I will have with you as a client. I have been an independent consultant since 2003 and you can find out more about me by clicking on my name, above. Please note that as an OFSTED inspector in the Midlands, I do not offer consultancy in any way that would bring about a conflict of interests in this region. I hope you find something of interest while you are here, but please forgive any glitches while I am updating.

The New OFSTED Framework
The current draft formats of the framework and inspection schedule are probably about right. Many of the changes are obvious, but there are a few things that may not leap out at you. Here are three, worthy of consideration. 1 Gaps in attainment between different groups of pupils and of all pupils nationally and how rapidly they are closing. 2 A record of low-level disruption in classrooms and how leadership and management support the reduction of incidents. 3 The expectation of increased consistency and support for literacy across the curriculum at all Key stages. As a bonus, I would add that SMSC will be judged in every evidence gathering activity that inspectors undertake. So, how well-prepared are you? Would you find a pre-inspection visit helpful?

Desired Behaviours-Maximum Learning
I will show you how to bring together the best in ‘Behaviour Intervention’ practices, ‘Brain-friendly’ and ‘Accelerated Learning’ principles and Strategy based approaches to Behaviour, Teaching and Learning. They all come together in a heady brew that brings results. These approaches will work from Nursery to Tertiary. A variety of buy-in options available, here.

Teaching and Learning
QCA were very pro-active in improving Teaching and Learning through Case studies and good practice. At Simple Solutions for Education, we applaud this, but go further in terms of improving intelligences, bringing Creativity and Enjoyment to all Key Stages.

Drama is the cornerstone of the business. Whether you are looking at improving literacy teaching, Drama and the workings of the brain, assessment in Drama or any other Drama related need, these pages are well worth viewing. How about Challenge in the Nursery? or Using Drama to stretch the more able? Improving outcomes at GCSE? You can find central training, on-site support and LEA options here.

This arm of the consultancy deals with finding solutions to your particular difficulties. You will be helped towards an integrated, user-friendly approach, from classroom to SMT. If you can use a word processor and a spreadsheet, you can have an effective system from Early Learning Goals to a complex secondary school's requirements.

We work in a highly stressed profession. One especially productive form of INSET is to teach your staff a range of relaxation techniques. Learn massage, visualisation, staged talk-throughs, and a range of physical and mental exercises that can help your staff at crisis points and through longer term stress control.

Assessing Drama cd-rom in every school
The Assessment cd-rom for Drama, KS 1-3, is very popular, even though references to GCSE no longer apply. We are now in a position to drop the price right down to £21.50 inc. p&p.

National Drama
Members get £25 discount on all products. To join, or for more info. Go to
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